Anthropology 201

A person can experience God’s work of redemption and restoration through faith in Jesus Christ. When faith breaths life on a heart dead to God, the sovereign grace of God spings for life. Because of Christ, there is hope for humanity to flourish by living out God’s grand design for men and women.

The Responsibilities of an Elder

I recently asked a few friends if there is a blog topic I should take on. My friend, Brooks Szewczyk, recommended I write about the responsibilities of an elder. You should note a distinction I will be making in this blog. I aim to explain the responsibilities of an elder and not the qualifications. 

Wait For It…

“Waiting is the Hardest Part” One of the many great songs by Tom Petty is called The Waiting. A lyric in the song is, waiting is the hardest part. For people, the lyrics are generally true—people do not like to wait.  A perfect example of what I am getting is the time between an engagement and a wedding day. […]

Monday Morning Musings, May 23rd, 2021

Monday Morning Musings is a hodgepodge of contemplations as I begin a new week. Check-in every Monday morning to receive a myriad of thoughts from my vapid brain. Grab the Knife On Sunday, I preached from Ephesians 2:11-12. All of Ephesians 2 is a masterful chapter about the power of the gospel to save. Ephesians […]

Working for the Glory of God

The Immature Punk I graduated from seminary in 2010. I graduated seminary with hopes, dreams, and expectations to use my Master of Divinity degree the next day. And then I realized I was still an immature punk who had no business pastoring God’s flock. I didn’t see it at the time, but God needed to […]

Made and Remade

Made: Imago Dei – I love preaching about the image of God. When you stop to think about what Scripture teaches about creation, you should be led to wonder and awe. God created the world out of love, and in love, everything God made was good. The crown jewel of God’s creation is man and […]

A La Carte Jesus

I remember going to Golden Corral for the first time while attending seminary in North Carolina. If you do not know about Golden Corral, it is a lot like Old Country Buffet. When you show up at the restaurant, you see a buffet line with endless amounts of food. If you are looking for a […]

Preach, Pray, and People

I recently watched a short video by The Gospel Coalition where Kevin DeYoung was featured. DeYoung shared his thoughts on what his time in seminary did not teach him about ministry. In this short clip, he also stated three areas he felt called to focus on when he entered the ministry. In typical alliteration, DeYoung […]