A False Gospel: The Prosperity Gospel

In Galatians, the Apostle Paul has strong words about the preaching of a false gospel. In the 21st century, another false gospel is running rampant.

An Optimistic Eschatology

What does it mean to be optimistic in your eschatology? I take on the question but ignore several others (for now).

Now The Real Work Begins

The fight against abortion is spiritual warfare. And because the battle for life is spiritual warfare, the tools with which Christians fight are spiritual and physical.

A Wolf In The Sheep Pen?

What are we to do when a wolf gets into the sheep pen? Fortunately, Jesus was clear about the danger of false prophets and teachers.

Christmas Sunday and a Hot Take

I want to offer a thesis that is bound to rankle some feathers. Christians should prioritize church this advent, especially on Christmas Sunday.